Funding priorities

Our main priority is the holistic well-being and needs of the children in our care, enabling them to rebuild their sense of self and purpose.

Sponsorship required for:

  1. Funding for education: schooling, tutoring and extra lessons. Education is the most valuable gift we can give our children to ensure a brighter future and break the cycle of poverty and abuse of the past. Most children from abusive backgrounds have large “gaps’’ in their education as a result of their circumstances. In order to close up those gaps we need to supply quality education and extra/remedial tuition in most cases.

Currently: we have four children in special needs schools with ADD, PTSD, brain tumours, acute epilepsy and other learning difficulties due to trauma. The school gives us reduced fees but the fees are still high and the transport costs extremely expensive.

  1. Medicines, therapy and occupational therapy (OT)

The medicines that many of our children are on are not provided by government clinics and are very expensive.

Therapy is the key to the healing of these children and to help them function as adults in the future. We have a psychologist on our board and we provide weekly sessions for the children, group therapy, sex education, life skills training and more to aid the children’s recovery.

OT and therapy go hand-in-hand in the healing process.

  1. Increasing the number of children by purchasing another “home”. This will allow us to maintain our home rather than institution approach, separate boys and girls and house double the number of children.
  2. Financial support for the ongoing running and maintenance of the organisation at the standard we have set for ourselves includes:
    • Financial donations no matter how big or small
    • School fees, clothes, books, uniforms and stationery
    • Clothing, shoes, linen, outings and grooming
    • Food, cleaning products and toiletries
    • Transport and vehicles expenses
    • Insurance and security
    • Training for children and staff – e.g. computer and first aid training
    • Repairs and maintenance to the house and garden including raising the wall for security purposes
    • Salaries for a part time driver, full time social worker and an admin clerk

If you or your organisation would like to help us to provide for the children in our care by assisting us with the above, please email us for more information or call +27 (10) 221 1184.